The Designers Behind Kimera

Don Maldonado

Don Maldonado is the lead designer at Chicago Green Design Inc. His background in the landscape and design field spans over 28 years, but he began his foray into rooftop design only in the last decade as the Chicago realty market exploded and his clients wanted to enjoy their outside space even though they didn’t have a backyard! From the moment he joined the team at Chicago Green Design, his innovative thinking and engineering background, garnered him such awards as the CAMME , Best of Designs from Chicago Social Magazine, Best Designs of Houzz for the last three years in a row and more.  His designs and innovative thinking have also been written up in numerous trade publications and most recently, Don was recognized in the Wall Street Journal, just as Kimera was born.  Don’s passion for integrating art, engineering and function jettisoned Chicago Green Design to success, and it is his hope that this same passion for Kimera Fire tables will do the same.

Timothy Hawley

Timothy J Hawley is a sculptor and furniture designer. His philosophy is to create timeless pieces of art that reflect his passion for design and his clients vision. A graduate of the University of South Florida, Hawley has a strong background in the arts and has mastered many art forms, including ceramics, mold making, decorative painting, murals, printmaking, graphic design and sculpture. He has the unique ability to draw his designs by hand and then transform those drawings into metal, making his pieces natural and organic but strong and contemporary at the same time.


We are here because of you.

Because Kimera started doing only custom design work, we are committed to putting the customer relationship first. We look forward to getting to know our customers and working with them one on one.

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